BOLD Con 2012

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I’m finally able to sit down for a moment and write a post about this conference we attended last weekend.

First let me say that i believe it is the first of it’s kind. A MDHL (Male Dominant Heterosexual Leather) event specifically for those in MD/fs type dynamics. Interestingly there seems to have been some backlash or ruffled feathers within the community that anyone would put on an event of this nature. Some have said that because this type of relationship configuration is more typical that there is no need for a conference or event to support it. To this i say you couldn’t be more wrong. It is precisely BECAUSE this is the more mainstream external that we need support for our obviously “other than mainstream” internal. In other words people in this type of dynamic may not have a tendency towards the same type of concerns that plague the LGBT Leather Community, or the Female Dominant/male slave dynamic – but that does not mean that we do not have our own concerns.

Yes i said our.

Because in reality this is also my community. Not in an “us vs them” way – but in a way that says that this dynamic structure should not be minimized or characterized as being so mainstream as to not warrant it’s own sort of dialogue. The idea of which gives further credence actually to my point. As slave marsha says “We don’t have to play together all the time”  and i agree with that.  Lately there has been much ado in our community about the differences between Het Leather and Gay Leather. While initially feeling a bit tender that perhaps my Lesbian and Gay sisters and brothers truly did not want us around – we (Master and i) put that aside and really listened to what was being said. No – our experience of Leather is not the same as those in the LGBT community. i have never experienced hatred from others based on who i love. As a POC i’ve been on the receiving end of hatred due to the chocolate-ness of my complexion but never have i had someone cover the eyes of their child as i walked hand and hand with my Beloved. So yes – our experiences in Leather are different. Those differences mean that while we’re all one big Leather family – much like in any family occasionally we’ll want to be in smaller groups – groups of those who are similar. It seems to me that as we’ve become more and more diverse and inclusive – we may have lost the ability to honor that need.  TNGers need to be around others of their age sometimes. Female Dominants need to encourage each other by being around other Female Dominant energy sometimes. Gay men need the freedom to play and express in an environment that is exclusively free of vaginas and female breasts sometimes. And – Male Dominants need the freedom to expand Their Masculine Dominant energy – to celebrate that – in an environment where it is not only accepted but embraced sometimes.

BOLD is that environment.

Let me say  that the conference is extremely well organized. This was their first year and it was one of the BEST organized events we’ve ever attended hands down. i’m talking top 2-3 events. There was a Dominants track, a submissive track and a couples track.  All 3 tracks focused on relationships – something i hope they keep. We have plenty of opportunity to learn Technique here – but opportunities for immersion in a relationship conference is only really available at MsC – so this makes a lovely west coast option.

We presented 2 classes – and as presenters i’ll say you couldn’t ask for better treatment. Some conferences treat presenters rather shabbily in my estimation – making it challenging or less than pleasurable to present there but not BOLD. They truly understand the idea of VIP and handling people the way they wish to be treated. From the greetings, to not having to do our own registration (they brought the paperwork to us) to the basket in the room – there is much to be gleaned and i highly suggest getting in touch with their team if you’re planning an event and want to do it with class and graciousness. Seriously.

We did not get to attend many classes – and i hope there are more classes next year – as well as class slots lasting for 1hour and 30 minutes instead of 1 hour and 15 – but the classes we did attend were VERY good. We took away tidbits and gleanings both in the classes and in the general interaction.

More than all of the tangibles were the intangibles. i looked around the room at one point and i could see the Dominants shoulders were so relaxed. There was no boisterousness or “throwing their Dominance around” that one often hears about – but a different presence of Male Dominant Energy. Something delicious in that there. When i taught my class for submissives/slaves – to look around and see only female faces. No need to “he/she” everything – i could speak elegantly and passionately from the place of my feminine submissive/slave experience without fear of offense.  i could actually share how Master and i use our Genders to enhance, elevate and sustain our dynamic  – without that being mistaken for being misogynistic or stepping on toes.

We left refreshed and delighted.  It was beautiful and we plan to go back next year.

Do we now only want to be around others in MDHL dynamics? Of course not. We love our larger Playground and Community and would never abandon it – but it was nice to find a sandbox of people like us to play with on occasion as well.

In submission and surrender to Him,

~slave namaste 2/25/12

It’s Finally Here!!! – The Spiral Path: Dynamic Sustainability Intensive for P/E Relationships

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The long awaited P/E Weekend Intensive is here! This intensive COMES TO YOU! If you’d like to set up a weekend in your area contact us for details!!

The Spiral Path: Dynamic Sustainability Intensive for P/E Relationships – by Master Obsidian and slave namaste

You have the dynamic of your dreams, hopes and desires – now what? How do you sustain and maintain it?  How do you create a workable relationship that stays, viable, fresh, rewarding and delicious at 5,10, 20  years or more?

Welcome to The Spiral Path. In this Intensive weekend retreat we will explore the Foundation of sustainable Power Exchange and how the various elements can support and feed each other creating a virtually self-sustaining dynamic which meets the needs of those on both sides of the slash. Participants will learn how to create a lifestyle that works with, rather than against their natures, using intense and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless busy work. Utilizing interactive principles the relationship is elevated and Life is integrated producing a brilliant, faceted whole, rather than treating the P/E dynamic as an isolated entity.

This Intensive weekend is created for those living in or seeking to live within a power exchange dynamic including M/s, D/s, O/p and others. Whatever stage your P/E relationship is in – planning, infancy, adolescence or senior season you will find this weekend engaging, informative and practical.

Part Retreat, Part Workshop Intensive, Part Playground this weekend includes:

  • Inspiring Teaching
  • Open Dialogue
  • Worksheets
  • Taking it from theory to reality
  • Creation of a personal P/E Household Handbook

Topics include:

  • Second Sight – Seeing your dynamic and each other with new eyes
  • Dynamic Preservation – Learning to store and use resources to sustain the relationship
  • The Tortoise and the Hare- the secret to winning the race
  • What is Pac-Man syndrome, and how do you correct it?
  • Yes! you can live on the edge – Investing in sustainable intensity
  • and more!

Beyond Leather IV

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I cant say enough about the weekend we experienced at Beyond Leather IV in Florida this year.  Sir Top and slave bonnie and the Beyond Leather staff put on an absolutely fantastic event each year and every year tops the one before.  From the moment we got off the plane and jumped right into the shuttle that was waiting for us, everything just clicked.  Im always impressed with the dedication to innovation that is evident in the attention to detail at this conference.  When you travel to as many conferences that we have, anything that maximizes the time you can spend doing the fun things and minimizes the time and energy associated with administrivia is refreshing.  This year BL unveiled a new registration process that involved pre-registry and barcodes that made registering a breeze.  (I hate conference registrations as a rule – after a long flight the last thing I want to do is stand in a forever line and ‘prove’ to someone at the registration desk that Im really Me.  I’d rather just send namaste to do it, but registration is one of those things that you have to show govt ID and sign papers with an original signature etc.) I was VERY happy with the BL IV processing – we were able to print out our registration confirmation pages the night before, they scanned the barcodes, and within seconds it seemed, we were on our way up to our rooms with a wonderful presenters basket of munchies and our conference bags and schedules!!!  WIN.

Its always good to see old friends again and also this weekend was an excellent opportunity to make new friends as well.  Beyond Leather is the conference we recommend to people that do not like to go to conferences. Its fast paced, the classes and seminars are varied and in the evenings they have specialty ‘theaters’ that feature an eclectic mix of happenings ranging from the super intense to the downright hilarious.  I wont go into details about the theaters suffice to say that lube+hotness+comedy= you had to be there. MORE WIN.

This was a very busy weekend, but it was actually really relaxing at the same time.  We taught three classes – Practical Protocols and Rituals, Power Exchange and Authenticity, and Pressure Point Play.  Each class was full and the conversations and feedback we received from the participants indicated that everyone had a great time and enjoyed the subjects presented.  Also on Saturday night, I was honored to present the keynote address for a standing room only Beyond Leather IV audience and after the keynote, played a role in the Interrogation Theater which was a TON of fun <eg>

And somewhere along the way we also managed to also enjoy watching an assortment of ponies, puppies, fetishists of all assortments, a number of excellent classes (really enjoyed predicament bondage by Lew Rubens), Taiko Drumming, delicious food and drinks, spent some time at the Ramrod enjoying libations and cigars with our dear Bootblack Blast AND we still managed to enjoy one of the multiple Beyond Leather dungeons.

After all of that, I expected to be totally exhausted by the time we got back to Austin – and we were.  But it was an excellent weekend overall and we are already looking forward to Beyond Leather V which is going to blow the roof off the hotel, Im thinking.  See you there!!!

Master Obsidian