Beyond Leather III

In Uncategorized on April 28, 2010 at 9:23 am


Today is the first day that i’ve had a moment to sit down and write about this amazing conference that we went to last weekend! Beyond Leather is a fabulous conference that takes place in Fort Lauderdale FL. It is produced by Sir Top and slave bonnie – Southeast M/s 2007.

This was our first time at this particular conference but it was most definitely a treat! There were great classes, wonderful energy, the hotel is fabulous, and the food is phenomenal!!

This conference has it all… classes, dungeon space, lube wrestling, late evening theaters. If you have the opportunity to attend don’t miss it next year!!

A few tips-
DO get the meal package, the food is great and it’s well worth the price, do get tickets to Lube Wrestling – nuff said…LOL

DO take time to attend at least some of the contests and say a big thank you to the Producers (who are very accessible BTW) We need to support our community and those who do so much for it.

YiL in His service,
~slave namaste


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