Why we missed Ms/C

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Because we have received many questions and concerns about our last minute lack of attendence at M/sC and to prevent any speculation or rumors (as our Beloved Community tends to do) –

My Masters brother is very ill with cancer. This is a battle he has been fighting for the last 6 years. Recently he took a turn for the worse and was in need of a stem cell transplant.  Master was the only match. This necessitated repeated trips from Austin TX to a hospital over 2 hours away over the last month and a half. 3 weeks ago Master donated the stem cells – a procedure which was extraordinarily painful and required a hospital stay. Less than 2 days after the procedure Master and i flew to attend 2 conferences on the east coast as we had commited to do. Having been advised by His physician to take it easy for 3-4 weeks (and that it takes roughly 4-6 weeks for His body to replenish the marrow they removed from Him), Master was called back to Houston to donate white blood cells. This was again another 2 days at the hospital for Master. The week of M/sC – less than one week later – Master was again called back to the hospital to donate white blood cells. This conflicted with M/sC – however nothing could be done and it was not something that could wait until Tuesday.

Since then the prognosis has been good for His brother, he’s improved greatly and will likely be released from the hospital later this week. We anticipate continued recovery and health for him. After having a back ache for 2.5 weeks due to the procedure and being extremely fatigued –  Master is *finally* beginning to feel like Himself again. We look forward to continuing to serve our community. We hope to see some of you at Twisted in Tulsa this weekend, at Folsom Fringe the end of this month or another conference in the near future!! You can also check our calendar for updates on our travel schedule [here][]

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, well wishes and patience.

YiL in His service,
~slave namaste
On Behalf of House Obsidian

  1. We missed you at MsC. What your Master is doing for his brother is just so much more important. My best wishes to you and your family.

  2. chere namaste and her Master:
    If this slave has Your permission, she and her Sir would be honored to do a healing working for your Master’s brother. Please reply to this slave’s email with permission or lack thereof. slave beauty and her Sir are Pagans and the working will call on all the healing powers to which we have connection. namaste has this slave’s email from EE.

    Please note that the slave’s general health, status as a dialysis patient, and transplant hopeful have nothing to do with her abilities to do healing workings for others.

    • thank you so much – any positive and healing energies are welcomed. Much appreciated!!!

      Master Obsidian

  3. Hi, namaste. I had not heard about O’s brother having cancer. I’m happy that he and O matched, since that gives him a good chance for recovery… but I’ve heard the procedures are agonizing. O is so brave to have done it. Kudos to him! He’s a REAL brother and a REAL man, but we all knew that already.

    Many hugs.


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