Presentations and Intensives

The Following are presentations currently available by Master Obsidian and/or slave namaste. This page is updated as new presentations become available so check back!

  • Dominance and the Inner Critic – We all have that voice inside, the one that can take anything about ourselves or something that we did or something we plan to do and transform it into something terribly wrong or bad. That inner dialogue that shows up just as we are about to embark on a new project or challenge. We all have an inner voice that speaks to us consciously and unconsciously all the time. When our inner voice becomes toxic, it can have a crippling effect on Dominance, ultimately impairing the strength and vitality of M/s or Dom/sub relationships. We will explore how to identify and unmask the inner critic and how to then use that energy in a positive way to transform, expand and re-energize our Dominance. (FOR DOMINANTS AND MASTERS ONLY)
  • The Winter of O/our discontent – The pain of serious relationship conflict can motivate us to seek relief in ways that are inadequate or even harmful to the fundamental needs of the M/s dynamic. When faced with discord many M/s relationships implode under the weight of discussion, or suffer in silence through chronic conflict avoidance. Frequently, explosive confrontations are the damaging result of frustration on both sides. We believe that there are alternative ways for both Master and slave to communicate serious concerns through a process that is designed to respect, strengthen and perpetuate the M/s relationship, instead of temporarily abandoning the M/s structure to use  an ‘egalitarian’ problem solving model.  Join Master Obsidian and slave namaste on an exploration of practical conflict resolution methods based upon ancient principles. Both Master and slave will be equipped with tools to assist in tackling tough relationship issues without sacrificing the M/s relationship in the process.
  • Power Exchange and Authenticity – For many of us, our initial discovery of the world of BDSM felt like ‘coming home’.  Unfortunately for too many in our community this feeling of liberation eventually fades, replaced with a unique sort of prison as we struggle with personal authenticity.  As we become aware of individuals in our local scene who exhibit skills and qualities that we lack, many feel the pressure to; adopt affectations & attitudes inconsistent with who we really are inside, avoid uncomfortable truths about ourselves, and invent histories and experiences in order to be more comfortable around our peers. Master Obsidian and slave namaste explore the six dimensions of truthfulness that form the foundations of authenticity and explain how we can utilize the power of sincerity to unify our inward and outward selves to reclaim and energize our experience of this lifestyle.
  • Power Corrupts? An Exploration of Total Power Exchange Relationships (TPE) – Does absolute power corrupt absolutely? Many seem to think so. Join Master Obsidian and His slave namaste in this discussion of TPE myth, legend and transitions. This class will cover many of the concerns people often have in entering into a TPE relationship. Additionally we will explore some of the myths and ideas one may encounter concerning TPE. Does absolute power corrupt absolutely? What does it mean to have no limits? Is this even possible? How does one transition to a TPE relationship safely? And much more. Expect this class to be interactive, so bring your questions, your ideas and your stories.
  • Practical Protocols and Ritual -Master Obsidian and slave namaste will lead a discussion about protocol and ritual in the scene and how they can be used to center and ground both Master and slave. What exactly are protocols? How are they used? What do you need to do to create and establish your own protocols and rituals? We will discuss the vanishing art of protocol and explore the many ways in which protocols and rituals can be used to strengthen and elevate the bond between Master and slave.
  • Sacred Service – W hat is the “spirit” of Service? How can you combine spirituality and service to elevate your power exchange dynamic. How can service be a spiritual tool? What is the role of the Dominant/Master in this dance of service? Master Obsidian and slave namaste explore the concepts of spirituality and of service and will teach how combining the two can create  a synergy that is both compelling and intense, serving to deepen the dynamic and strengthen the bonds of M/s. You’ll learn practical tools that can be used, how to ritualize any action or directive, what is Presence, and much more. Come with an open mind!
  • The Alchemy of Compatibility –  Most of us realize that it takes compatibility to make a relationship work, but what does compatibility look like within a Power exchange dynamic? Do opposites attract or do birds of a feather flock together? As a Master/Dom does it matter if the slave/submissive is compatable, can’t you just mold them into whatever you want? As a slave…where does compability fit in and can it be found without creating a co-equal dynamic?  What is this magical alchemy that makes two (or more!) people a good fit together. Master Obsidian and slave namaste will explore this topic sharing their perspectives and experiences as well as helpful pointers and red flags.
  • Pressure Point Play – In this interactive seminar, we will explore pressure work in S/M sessions. Becoming experienced with non-impact/non percussive techniques can open up new horizons in our relationships, providing a conduit for the discerning Dominant to awaken or inflict a broad spectrum of sensations in the body of the submissive of bottom. By manipulating different pressure points or accupoints on the body, sensations ranging from orgasm to excruciating pain and even deeply moving emotional catharsis can result. These techniques are toy bag independent – there are no size and gender independent as well – most techniques are performed with an empty hand.
  • The Death of Abuse –  In any discussion of what it is that we do, the topic of abuse is never very far from the conversation.  What exactly IS abuse? Why is our community so obsessed with it?  What should we do when we encounter abuse?  Is abuse just a myth?  What role does personal responsibility play in the discussion of abuse? When should an ‘intervention’ be considered?  What are the legal ramifications? Should the BDSM community be self-policing and if so, what forms might this take? Master Obsidian and slave namaste explore the provocative, sometimes incendiary topic of abuse within the BDSM community.
  • Horses aren’t Waffles – an exploration of symbols and language in the BDSM/Leather community. Our BDSM/Leather culture has its own set of symbols, or cultural representations of reality, associated with different experiences and perceptions. Language is a powerful source of continuity and identity within a culture – why is it then so difficult these days to agree on common terminology? Why are there so many definitions for seemingly common terms in our community like Master, slave, submission, and Dominance to name a few? What does it signify when we as a subculture no longer share the same set of symbols? Master Obsidian and slave namaste explore these and other questions regarding the language we use to describe ourselves and what the implications are for our relationships and community.
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Disatisfaction – Avoiding Command and Companionship issues in P/E relationships – You’ve put a lot of time, energy and effort into building the P/e relationship of your dreams with the person(s) that you want. And then you fell in love. – Does companionship mean the dissolution of the M/s dynamic? How can love and control exist together in the P/e dynamic? How do we create a dynamic that sustains the P/e while also being companions? Why is it that when we think we are getting to the ‘good part’ everything seems to go to hell in a handbasket? Where does all this dissatisfaction come from? What can we do about it? Join Master Obsidian and slave namaste as they discsuss potential pitfalls in the blending of P/e and companionship and ways to avoid them as well as ideas to infuse longstanding P/e Companion dynamics with new life! This class is great for those seeking to build this type of relationship as well as those already in one!

slave namaste also offers the following presentations:

  • The Four Agreements for Surrendered Hearts – This discussion takes a look at the four agreements and thier practical application to those who surrender. These agreements can shed illumination and clarity that can free those who are submissive/slaves from common fears that are obstacles to surrender.
  • Are you my Master? Are you my Dominant? – This class is an integrated exploration and exercise in the stages that a submissive/slave can go through when seeking a Dominant or Master. Come learn tips, techniques and tools to help recognize the one who is, may be, or is definitely not the Dominant or Master for you. This class is interactive and discussion style so bring your ideas, stories and questions to share in a safe environment (submissives and slaves only)
  • The Sensual Submissive/Slave – Sensuality as Service -This class is all about connecting with your most sensual self! Often the sensual aspect of service is overlooked, ignored or even scoffed at as unimportant. In this class we’ll discuss roadblocks to sensuality, how sensuality serves us, connecting with our most sensual selves and expressing sensuality towards our Owners. Come with an open heart and mind, comfortable movable apparel, and be willing to share and participate. If you’ve ever wanted to by more sensual but didn’t know how, this class is for you! Ladies only !
  • Present Presence:  Being present and the cultivation of presence are buzzwords in our society at the moment. These are also two vital and yet often elusive skill sets for any person in service. This class covers the how to’s of being present as well as the means by which those who serve can find and grow their ability use presence in service.
    Items covered:

    • Exercises and tools
    • When and how to move through different types of presence
    • How to be present
    • What your presence brings to the table for a Master/Dominant
    • The call and response dance of presence

Join slave namaste in this version of the class created for specifically those who serve – bring questions and paper because you’ll definitely want to take notes!

Additional Technical presentations

  • Knife play and other pointy things
  • Spanking
  • Fire Play
  • Pressure Point Play

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