M/s Contest

slave namaste and I will be partipating as a contestant in the SWLC M/s contest. There is a lot of preparation involved and we are happy to discuss what the M/s Contests are all about with anyone that is interested. There are five ‘feeder’ contests held across the nation and the winners of each regional contest are eligible to compete at South Plains Leatherfest held in February in Dallas for the International Title.  For us this means that if we win the Regional Contest the International contest will be about a month later! Both the regional and the international titles are teaching titles – should we win, as titleholders we will be spokespersons and ambassadors for the Master/slave community for the following year, and will be expected to travel all over our region actively seeking out opportunities to educate the kink community on the Master/slave lifestyle, through speeches, seminar presentations, participation on panel discussions, writing articles, etc. In order to win, we must first be questioned by a panel of judges selected from across the nation on various facets of the Master/slave lifestyle, our M/s dynamic and leather history, also during the competition we will give speeches and presentations on various lifestyle related subjects. In addition we must provide a “basket” (though it doesn’t have to be in a literal basket) consisting of items to be auctioned off during the event – the money raised goes towards the travel fund of the Titleholders. This is quite a momentous experience for us (and for our community)! Already, just in the preparations we have done to date we have found our lives changed by the experience – our perspectives evolving and our dynamic strengthened through this process. And this is just the beginning – we still have much to do before the actual contest in 3 months. We would appreciate the support of the House and Groups in our region. Please let us know if you’d like us to come to your group to speak about M/s dynamics, or M/s contests specifically.

In Leather,

Master Obsidian slave namaste


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